Monday, April 27, 2009

rockin' the famine

For 30 hours, about 40 youth and adults fasted and spent the weekend connecting with our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering from poverty.
much to say about the weekend...but eyes were opened and hearts were pierced. 26,000 children die every single day from hunger or hunger-related diseases. Something is very wrong in the world.
But instead of simply letting our sadness and guilt end at sadness and guilt, we want those things to push us to action. We want to "be the change we want to see in the world" child at a time.
check it...

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beccaellis said...


My name is Becca Ellis. I don't even know how I found your blog, but I'm loving it. I love seeing your passion for Christ. I love that you work with youth and are learning to love God and love others --completely.

It makes me so happy :-)
I too am a Christ follower. It's just the greatest trip ever. And you are right. It's amazing what we don't know about life. I don't know how old you are; I am 26 and I'm discovering more and more every day.

I participated in 30-hour famine twice in high school and thought it was one of the coolest things our youth group ever did. I might talk to our church youth minister and see if they want to get one going. I liked the slide show and would be interested in ya'lls schedule of events. Looks like you were very purposeful with your time. That's awesome.

Thanks for your post.