Monday, November 16, 2009

oh...the kids


At breakfast, Bob asked if I would be willing to share a brief message/testimony at church this morning. So I had just a few minutes to gather my thoughts and then we headed off to the little evangelical church in the village. It is held in a little mud hut and their drums and some of their benches were borrowed from the Kibbuse school. I love the church services here. I love their simplicity and to be honest, I find their slight disorganization refreshing. They don’t have to have everything perfectly planned out and coordinated. They don’t even start or end at an exact time…definitely a completely different experience that what we’re used to back in the states.

I spoke about John 10:10 and how even though I had grown up in the church and had a great family, my enemy had worked to steal my peace and joy and fulfillment and it wasn’t until I went to college that I learned about the life to the full that Jesus offers. I talked about how the biggest thing that turned my life around was when I started spending DAILY time in the Word and talking with God. So that was my challenge and encouragement to them.

The offering was once again quite entertaining. Those who didn’t have money brought fruit and various produce to be auctioned off and the biggest surprise was when a little boy walked right up the aisle with a little baby goat. There were cheers and applause because apparently it had been well over a year since anyone had offered a goat. It ended up being auctioned off to Chief for 16,000 shillings.

Tonight we were able to make contact with people back home and were able to be skyped in to church and hear a good 2/3 of Bobby’s sermon about their trip here (our connection was pretty bad…). It was an awesome sermon, and it’s obvious that the trip had a big impact on Bobby and the men that were here. You just can’t come here and not be changed…I really do think it’s impossible.

I was also SO excited to talk to Jill, John Mark, and Riley Robinson for a bit on Skype. Again the reception was really bad, but at least I got to see their faces and hear their voices…made my heart happy. I really do miss everyone back home!


Matt, Amy, and I were asked to share a little at chapel, so we all shared a verse or two that has meant a lot to us personally. I talked about Prov. 16:9 and Rom. 8:28 and how God has often led me to places outside of all my own plans but that in all things He has been working for my very for my very best.

Amy and I went with Madam Olivia and Mary Grace to see their knitting machine and watch them in action. That is definitely one interesting contraption! I went with Madam Olivia and Madam Hope to the Niyamarwa Primary School down the street to take some pictures of kids modeling in the school sweaters that they have made. Brenda asked me to work on a flyer that they could use to promote their knitting business, so we needed a few pictures for the flyer.

I tell you what...the kids around here just about have me ruined. They have completely stolen my heart. There were probably at least 150 kids outside singing and dancing and laughing and playing when we walked up (pictured above). Their principal called them over and all those kids just came charging at us. I took pictures of them and they would all just about smother me trying to see the pictures. I LOVE the noise they make when they see the's adorable.

We got some pictures of kids modeling the sweaters, signed the guest book (which, by the way, we are asked to do anywhere we've gone, whether it be a home or a school...everyone has a guest book).

Matt, Amy, Timothy and I spent a good hour or two playing cards, I took an ice cold shower, and then we just hung out for a bit after dinner and headed to bed early. We have an early morning tomorrow!


Grace and Fam said...

just...awesome. glad you are back friend..

love, beth

Jill Robinson said...

The best part of our Sunday was talking to you. But we can't wait to see your face!! Love you!!

Heather said...

Love you! Keep the posts coming :) I check it every day!