Friday, January 30, 2009

might as well...

Shoot, if I'm going to take the time to compose 25 Random Things About Me on Facebook, I might as well post them to the ol' blog as well, right?? So here goes...

1. I have an obsession with books and reading (My roommate calls my room "the library").

2. I never never. But I wanna learn so bad.

3. I basically have zero cartilage left under my kneecaps...dang basketball...

4. There are fewer things funnier to me than when someone trips or falls down...especially when that someone is me.

5. I have an amazingly strong sense of smell.

6. I am an introvert by nature but I love being around people.

7. I do not love running...but love doing marathons. Go figure.

8. I LOVE babies and little kids (and sometime freak their parents out a little as a result)

9. I secretly love hip-hop, R&B, and cheesy pop music (boy bands for life!!!)

10. No one makes me laugh like my little sister.

11. Four of my greatest fears: getting "stuck" in life, having a lot of money, complacency, and growing up.

12. I have a secret desire to be a drummer...and a hip-hop dancer. I'm far from both.

13. I get paid to do something I love...that's crazy.

14. I don't like taking showers...especially when it means I have to wash my hair...can't believe I just admitted that.

15. I cannot think of one restaurant in existence that I dislike.

16. I feel sad for "too-cools" and people who take themselves/life too seriously.

17. I've been writing a book over the past year and a half...(and I'm almost done with it!!)

18. I have a lot of Texas pride...yep, I'm one of those.

19. I love scrapbooking! (But I'm far from being creative...)

20. I LOVE traveling and seeing new places...but I'm the most obvious tourist ever.

21. Bunny rabbits creep me out.

22. I embrace cheesy-ness in life.

23. I have a horrible memory.

24. I have an unshakeable desire to live in Africa at some point in my life.

25. I see the world in photos (how many times have the words, "I wish I had my camera!" come out of my mouth?!) would be another dream job.

Side story: I got to eat lunch with John Mark Robinson at his school today. I love him. And then I got to hang out with Riley. She wrote a song while I was over there (I got to be her drummer)...I was able to write down some of the lyrics as she sang them. Here's a portion of them (word for word as they came out of her mouth, by the way):

Tell your mom
I am not
When your mom says it's okay if you do it.
If your drink is dirty, now you do it.

Your very best question
If it's not your birdie,
you better have some poopie.

Everybody's stinkin' along
If you're stuck again
you better go to your mom and say
"My brother is stuck"
"My brother is stuck"
"My brother is stuck"
"My brother is stuck"

I don't know about you...but these definitely moved me to tears.


melissa said...

daklfjlkdfjoiewajahhahahahahahahaha riley's lyricccsssssss ahahahhahah .. thank you so much for taking the time to write them down, and then to share..hahahah

Jenna Monforte said...

wow, that's awesome...I want to be friends with Riley!

erin f. said...

I hate cooking too! It is very unfortunate for my poor husband, but he gets to eat pizza and doughtnuts a lot so he isn't complaining.

Who is Riley? I love them, whoever they are!

erin f. said...

I guess you said you didn't "hate" cooking but just never do it...I actually hate it, so I guess you have hope and I am hopeless!

Alan, Bobbi, Hank & Belle said...

You can take as many pictures as you want of Jayme and love her like crazy and I won't think you are weird because who couldn't not lobe that little girl to death