Sunday, September 7, 2008

I run to You

Man I am feeling this song right now....especially that second verse there! 
THANK YOU, Jason Houser, for writing this...

Hear my cry. Let it rise to You.
My heart aches to meet with You.
Reveal Yourself. Through Your Word speak to me.
Lord, I will wait to hear from You.

Only Your love can satisfy. Only Your love does not run dry.
Only Your love has set me free. Only Your love is all I need.
Only Your love for me, only Your love my King.

Here's my heart lifted up to You. 
Have Your way. Do whatever it takes.
Here's my will. I lay it at Your feet. 
Help me see where You're leading me!

And so I RUN TO YOU!

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Jill Robinson said...

So you should put this song on your music feed!