Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my obsession

I love sunsets/sunrises...like I LOVE them. Yes, maybe to the point of obsession. Every person has certain things in nature that uniquely connect them with God. And I mean, I know everyone loves sunsets to some extent. But I go through random periods of 2-3 week time frames when I don't know what happens...I'm just crazy about them. I'm in one of those periods of time right now...like to the point where I can't wait for 6:45 PM to arrive each day so that I can see what God has in store for me! (Who could ever say that He's not a romantic?!)
Now the downside of this obsession is that on more than one occasion, I have possibly endangered my life trying to take a picture of a sunset while driving. Maybe not the best idea...but when you're out of your mind in love with the sunset, you do crazy stuff! haha...
The sad thing is that most of the time, cameras just have no way of capturing them...but every once in a while, you just get a great picture. So as a result of my current obsession, I decided to pull together some of my best sunset pictures and would now like to share them with you for your viewing pleasure.
Beach Trip '08..
,,,taken from my bedroom window...yeah, this is what I get to see every morning!!
in Mexico...it looks like it's on fire...
mmmm...nice one, God
who says Texas is the only place you can find beautiful sunsets..
Ski Trip '07
good GRIEF
And this one I just threw in for kicks, because it's the most ridiculous sun picture I've ever taken. and was totally a fluke...as soon as I took it, I was like..."uhhhhh"
I can't remember where this quote comes from, but it goes something like this (and I'm totally not going to say it right, but here's my attempt...):
"If these are the beauties bestowed upon mortal men, how much more awaits those who will be with God?"
...something like that...

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Jill Robinson said...

Love the sunsets, but not more than the Tropical Sunset at Chili's which I just learned about last night. We will need to go so that your obsession with sunsets will expand!