Thursday, October 29, 2009


So I woke up this morning, got all packed and ready to go, made my bed (which hasn't been done in who knows how long...) and then sat on my stairs, looked at my bags, and it kinda all hit me. And if there is one word to describe how I felt at that moment, it is: thankful.

I just sat on my stairs and thanked God for so many things...

For the opportunity to do life with my brothers and sisters on the other side of the world

For the fact that He has actually chosen to use someone as messed up as me to be HIM to a broken world and to love His children

For the amazing friends and family members that I have who have just showered me with prayers and hugs and support over the past few days

For the way He has provided for this trip in abundance

The list could go on and on... but of all the emotions I'm feeling this morning, the greatest one right thankful.

I am sitting at the gate in the Nashville airport...we take off in a little over an hour. We just stocked up on some Starbuck's Via and are ready to go! We will be flying to Detroit where we have a couple of hours of a layover. Then we head to Amsterdam and have about 6 hours of waiting there before we head to Entebbe, where we will SLEEP! From the time we leave Nashville, it will be 27 hours before we land in Entebbe. Then on Sunday, we will meet up with Matt and Amy and will all travel to Niyamarwa together.

27 hours....

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