Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adventures with the Robinson Crew, So? - Day 6

Today started with an incredible thunderstorm that eventually fried our TV, so we had to somehow entertain the children minus the outside, the beach, and the TV…which proved to be a bit challenging. John Mark insisted that he was not scared of the storm. However, he did say that he was a baby tiger and the baby tiger was, in fact, scared…so that’s why he was screaming at the thunder. Haha…kids.

Once the storm died down, the sun started to make an appearance so we headed down to the water. JP and Jill came back and we enjoyed yet another day of R&R both in and beside the water. 

I started a new book today that I've been wanting to read for forever called "Unchristian" and it's basically about what this generation of 16-29 year-olds think about Christianity. It's a sobering book based off a huge study that was conducted by The Barna Group. I only read chapter 1 of the book today, but here's the quote for the day:

"...if we do not deal with our part of the problem, we will fail to connect with a new generation. We are not responsible for outsiders' decisions, but we are accountable when our actions and attitudes - misrepresenting a holy, just, and loving God - have pushed outsiders away. Often Christianity's negative image reflects real problems, issues that Christians need to own and be accountable to change. My purpose in writing this book is to pry open the hearts and minds of Christians, to prepare us to deal with a future where people  will be increasingly hostile and skeptical toward us. A new generation is waiting for us to respond." 

Erica and I went on a little run and I actually cooked dinner tonight…yes, cooked. And it actually didn’t turn out to bad.

I mean, it was edible…that’s all I was hoping for. We hung out for a while after dinner then I went out on the deck to do some writing. Then one-by-one, Erica, JP, and Kate all came out on the deck and the stars were just calling our name…we couldn’t fight it. So at about 11:45, we decided to go down to the beach with the guitar. Wow. It was lightning in two different areas outside and there was this pocket of clear sky right above us where we could see the stars in all their majesty! And that pocket stayed clear almost the entire time we were out there. As Kate said, “It’s like God just decided to pull the curtains back for us for a while.” We worshipped by the water for a good hour then went for a walk down the beach…the moonlight was coming through perfectly and lighting up this area of the water. I should stop trying to describe it…suffice it to say, it was just amazing. I just can’t imagine what’s awaiting us one day…if that’s what we get to experience on earth. So we just got back and it’s 2AM…good night!

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