Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adventures with the Robinson Crew, So? - Day 7

So going to bed at 3 AM meant one thing: sleeping in! Didn't get up until about 10:30 this morning which was awesome. It was a pretty rainy day, and there were some ridiculous waves (got up to around 4 feet high)!! So we took full advantage and got the boogie boards out! It was my first boogie boarding fun! 

Of course I forgot that even when it's overcast, you can still sunburn. So I think I go the closest to burning today than I have yet...sorry, Mom :(

Then tonight was dinner with the WHOLE Robinson family at Tacky Jack's...and by WHOLE family, I mean there was somewhere around 35 people on that deck eating. It was some ridiculously good food. I got grilled Mahi Mahi...delicious. And of course there were many pictures taken...
We are all stinkin' wiped out after dinner so everyone headed home and soon hit the sack.

And the quote from today's reading of "Unchristian":

"In studying thousands of outsiders' impressions, it is clear that Christians are primarily perceived for what they stand against. We have become famous for what we oppose, rather than who we are for. Think back to the outsiders' comment. What is her image of Christians? Entrenched-thinking, antigay, antichoice, angry, violent, illogical, empire-building, convert-focused people who cannot live peacefully with others. We are known for having an us-versus-them mentality. Outsiders believe Christians do not like them because of what they do, how they look, or what they believe. They feel minimized - or worse, demonized - by those who love Jesus."

What a very sad thing...if Christians are famous only for what they oppose, who is going to be drawn to that?! There's no life in that! Jesus came to give us life to the full...not a list of things we are supposed to oppose. I pray that I might live a life that is completely founded in both grace AND truth. I do not want to compromise what I believe, but I want everything I do and say to be founded in grace and in love. I want to be defined by what I am FOR, not by what I'm against. 

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