Thursday, June 5, 2008

Run-ons and Nick Carter

So one of my pet peeves has officially become run-on sentences because one of my co-workers has this amazing ability to put about 8 sentences into 1 and it can be really hard to understand what is trying to be communicated but maybe I'm just being ridiculous because at work they call me the Grammar Nazi because I'm a stickler when it comes to grammar because I just think it's important and because my mom is a grammar teacher so it's just instilled in the very core of my being so I can't really help it that these run-on sentences drive me so crazy and I'm going to try to care less but I really just wish that everyone would see that punctuation marks are their friend! :)

In other news, I saw Nick Carter at the Kroger in Cool Springs today. We walked by each other, our eyes met. It was magic.


Anonymous said...

I laughed hard during this post. Or is it 'hardLY' because hard is describing the way that I laughed?

And then I laughed again at Nick Carter.

Jill Robinson said...

good comeback post! Does an overuse of exclamation points annoy you?! Because that is my downfall!!!!!!

jackie said...

I had no idea you were a grammar nazi. Now I am wondering what I have said around you that got on your nerves! Ha!

Rick & Shara said...

Ha! Love this. I am also a Grammar Nazi. I love that you made that entire vent a run-on sentence. Nice one. It also cracks me up that you had some magic with Nick Carter.